5kg Value Refill with Tub
Price : $165
Shipping/Delivery – Flat $9.95 (Australia Wide)
This 5kg Nuts & Stuff Value Refill with Tub promises great value and premium quality at an attractive price! Enjoy over 65 to 100 serves. And a convenient, food grade, easy-refill tub to store your Nuts & Stuff in.
Code: RET 5kg Value+TUB
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Ingredients :
Organic shredded Coconut, dry Cranberries and Dates. Raw nuts – Almonds, Hazelnuts and Walnuts. Raw seeds – organic black Chia seeds, Buckwheat, Sunflower seeds, Sesame seeds, Pepitas, Flax/Linseeds and Love. All responsibly sourced and of premium quality.

Made in Western Australia with an assortment of Australian and imported ingredients.

Cues for Use: With this premium-blend, versatile and delicious brekky feel good all day every day! It is easy to prepare - make amazing smoothies, mouth-watering desserts or enjoyable treats. Try different recipes, or stay traditional, and eat it with milk. 

  • Enjoy the convenience of a Nuts & Stuff food grade tub. 
  • Refill Nuts & Stuff tub with Nuts & Stuff Products – See 5kg Value Refill Bag.
  • Refrigerate to retain freshness.

Make Nuts & Stuff your new favourite muesli experience. Share in our mantra - create peace and happiness for everyone!

Serve Size: 50g-75g per serve

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