Minty Mango Morning Bowl Recipe [gf] [v]
1 Cup Frozen or Fresh Mango
½ Cup Plain Greek or Coconut Yoghurt
A Dash Milk (any type)
½ Tbsp Zest of a Fresh Lime
Ingredients - Topping
  • 50-60g Nuts & Stuff Muesli
  • Extra Lime Zest
  • Fresh Mint Leaves
  • Fresh Assorted Berries
Makes 1 Serve
Preparation & Cooking 10 Minutes
  • Blend mango, yoghurt, milk and lime zest until smooth.
  • Pour into a small bowl convenient for serving.
  • Top your bowl with Nuts & Stuff, fresh mint, berries and a little extra lime zest.



Let’s agree, nothing beats the taste of delicious juicy Aussie mangoes. And Nuts & Stuff complements this taste so beautifully. Give this recipe a go if you are a fan of our versatile muesli that can make your taste buds tingle. Oh so good!

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