Here’s Why Nuts & Stuff Is A Perfect Gift
03 April, 2019    Concetta Sultan


A premium handcrafted muesli that is brimming with great flavour and healthy ingredients. Who wouldn’t love Nuts & Stuff?!

We are about peace, happiness and collaboration. This is how you know we really care. And, it shows in every mouthful. The quality, the balance and the energy that comes from enjoying something that is truly beautiful.

Our muesli has been perfected over time, from ideas that have been in our family for generations and then reworking newer and fresher palates into the mix. To create a rich blend of taste and flavour with just a dash of heritage. You know nothing is lost and the experience is incredibly satisfying.

Our clients tell us how they love Nuts & Stuff for breakfast, or as a snack to munch on between meals. Our stockists rave about how versatile and delicious it is – And how they can’t stock nearly enough of it!

We give away ideas for using Nuts & Stuff in more ways than imaginable through Our Recipes page. Make it into dessert or try it as a smoothie topping, there are so many ways to enjoy this incredible product.

So, next time you want to gift a loved one something special, try a pack of Nuts & Stuff. Here’s our guarantee, they will love you for it.


Nuts & Stuff says you care

When you open a pack of Nuts & Stuff and take a peek inside – all you see is goodness. Toasted organic coconut, roasted nuts and seeds, sweet dates and berries.

This is when your stomach starts working. You’ve taken in the flavours and now you just have to eat.

And, you can go right ahead and dig in. Nuts & Stuff is certified raw, gluten-free, wheat-free and vegan with no hidden nasties. It is wholesome good food that you can enjoy guilt-free anytime.


The perfect combo

Not only is our combination of nuts, seeds and fruits perfect, we also have gift packs that include cups, bowls, milk jugs and plates as a part of the package. Together with your choice of Nuts & Stuff – 75g, 450g or 900g. All delivered FREE in a stunningly-wrapped package that reaches your very doorstep!

Imagine this – your loved one receives a package that has arrived at their doorstep. It is wrapped exquisitely and there is a bag of goodies inside with all the things you need to make breakfast. They open up the package excitedly to find muesli and Chinaware. They are elated beyond words and they have only you to thank!

A glimpse of our gift range:

75g Gift Pack: Pack includes 7 packs of Nuts & Stuff 75g single serve bags and 1 beautiful China serving bowl to enjoy it in.

450g Gift Pack: Pack includes 1 pack of Nuts & Stuff 450g bag and 1 beautiful China serving bowl to enjoy it in.

900g Gift Pack: Pack includes 1 pack of Nuts & Stuff 900g bag and 1 beautiful China serving bowl to enjoy it in.

Gift Pack 450g Plus: Pack includes 1 pack of Nuts & Stuff 450g bag and 1 beautiful China serving set – cup, bowl, milk jug and plate.

Gift Pack Subscription: A gift that keeps on giving that includes - 4 packs of Nuts & Stuff 450g bags and 4 beautiful China serving bowls, delivered in 4 separate beautifully-wrapped packages, reaching your doorstep 6 weeks apart.


Brings everyone together

If there is one thing about Nuts & Stuff muesli – it brings people together. Family brunches, friends having tea, parties and get-togethers, game nights, children’s sleepovers, you name it. Nuts & Stuff is ideal. 

It will leave you feeling happy and satisfied in just the right way. No unhealthy sugar-rush. And no pangs or cravings either. You feel energized, pepped and ready to go.

Are you keen to share this adventure with someone you care about? Spoil someone special today. Gift them Nuts & Stuff muesli. Let’s get you sorted Now! 

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