A Little About That Secret Ingredient In Nuts & Stuff
15 May, 2019    Concetta Sultan


Nuts & Stuff is full of amazing, nutritious, delicious and good quality ingredients. That is what makes our muesli mouth-wateringly special. But one secret ingredient adds a whole other dimension – irresistible flavour, taste and texture – to the experience.

That secret ingredient is “love”. Nuts & Stuff is made with utmost love and care, and it makes all the difference!

Nuts & Stuff has always been about bringing you the best in everything. Sourcing the most sought-after ingredients – fruits, nuts and seeds, responsibly and sustainably. Our muesli is handcrafted using a delicate artisan process. That means all that incredible goodness is still intact and you can taste it in every morsel.

Nuts & Stuff is premium muesli at its finest. It is 100% raw, vegan, gluten-free, and wheat-free with no hidden nasties. And sprinkled generously with love.


In keeping with our mission

At Nuts & Stuff, our mission is to spread the message of peace, happiness and collaboration. When you eat good food that is healthy and nutritious, you feel good. When you share good food with people you care about, you feel great. And all this goodness has tremendous potential to create peace and happiness for you and for everyone around you.

This is why we keep the focus on creating Nuts & Stuff with love. We know when we do things with so much love, we add something special to your muesli experience.


What’s inside Nuts & Stuff

There’s more to Nuts & Stuff than just what goes into our exclusive recipe. The perfect mix of natural sweetness and crunch. What’s inside Nuts & Stuff is a list of incredible wholesome ingredients - organic shredded coconut, dry cranberries and dates, all raw nuts – almonds, hazelnuts and walnuts, all raw seeds – organic black chia, buckwheat, sunflower, sesame, pepitas, flax/linseed, and love.

That’s right – no filler oats to add bulk. No added sugars or artificial additives. Just raw wholesome goodness.


Recommended – The best way to try Nuts & Stuff

Feel the need to try our All Good muesli? We’ve got you covered! We’ve got just the right recommendations for you:

  • Try our cute and compact 75g Single Serve bags. This product is small enough to carry around with you and sumptuous enough to make it really filling.


  • Try our Nuts & Stuff Starter Pack. This product includes three of our bestselling packs – One 75g Single Serve pack, one 450g pack and one 900g pack. You can enjoy them all at a special seasonal 10% discount now!


  • Try our Gift Pack Subscription. This product is perfect if you want to eat good muesli and keep it coming for a long time. We send out 4 perfectly timed gift packs of our 450g bags along with a bowl for you to enjoy our muesli in.



All Good, every time

The Nuts & Stuff packaging is sealed “All Good” and that’s our promise to you! Plus, it’s resealable, so you can keep all that goodness intact. We guarantee that every time you open a pack of Nuts & Stuff you will be swept by a wave of all good feeling! Grab a bowl and have a scoop the way you like it (or check out our scrumptious recipes for some new ideas. Nuts & Stuff will carry you through your day and keep you satiated, nourished and truly satisfied.

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