Muesli Musings: Ramblings Of A Muesli Maker
06 March, 2019    Concetta Sultan


Nuts & Stuff is more than just breakfast muesli. It is a concoction of delights. For there is no greater pleasure than to feed people you care about, good food from the heart.

That is the philosophy that sparked the creation of Nuts & Stuff too. I wanted peace, happiness and collaboration for everyone and myself. That is why when I created Nuts & Stuff, a recipe I perfected over a long time and with lots of hard work, I wanted the message to resonate with all who ate and enjoyed it.

I am a trained and experienced bookkeeper and a successful one too. That was my past life anyway. All the effort I put in – long hours, big commutes and constant pressure – left me fatigued, tired and burnt out. I was challenged for time and constructive relationships. The inner me, one with a passion for life and spontaneity suffered deeply. I looked and felt depleted. Until I realised enough was enough!

I turned to my hobby to rescue me – cooking. The more I pursued it, the greater peace and calm it brought to my life. I was looking to re-centre. Find my balance. And find more energy! It brought me all that and more.  

I distanced myself from the world of bookkeeping. I co-authored a cookbook with my cousin and set about refining my homemade muesli recipe.

I have emerged a new woman with Nuts & Stuff. Looking back, I know I got a few things right – the simple things to do and the right ingredients to eat.


What’s Important

Too often we forget what’s important. Our families and the ties we share with others. Our aspirations and dreams that we put on the backburner. Our true needs and wants as compared to more frivolous pursuits. There are only a handful of things that are really important but we seem to forget them.

Keep them in focus in the course of living. Don’t forget about what’s important to you. Make choices and decisions that are driven by these little things.


Loving Yourself

Have you noticed sometimes how critical we are of ourselves? Looking in the mirror we are quick to notice our flaws and it is difficult to look away. We obsess about perfection and forget to relax. Take it from me, learn to love yourself.

By loving ourselves we give ourselves the chance to grow. We are working on ourselves but at the same time, we learn to show ourselves some tender love and care.


Eating Well

Eating well is the cornerstone of self-care. Eating healthy, nutritious and wholesome food that is all good helps you refocus and re-energise each day. It helps you keep healthy and fighting fit. It tackles mood swings, fogginess and all manner of mental and emotional issues.

If you are trying to reorganise your life or have health goals to fulfil, this is where you start. Look at the food you eat and how you can improve in that area by taking in raw, natural, whole, organic, gluten-free and nasties-free foods. My recommendation is to make the switch now!


Connecting With Life

Listen to your heart and connect with life! Rather than giving into the fear and excuses that our minds offer, be brave and courageous to pursue your calling wholeheartedly. 

In our hearts of hearts, we always know what we need. What we desire and want. What we find fulfilling. We know the next step we have to take.  Be still, stay calm and take the time to connect to who you really are. Listen to that inner voice and reflect. With regular practice a clear path will start to emerge and opportunities will begin to present themselves. 


Stay Positive

Through it all, you will find you depend on positivity. So, stay positive and bring that sense of positivity to all your ventures.

Building things, pursuing your hobbies, indulging in constructive engagements and catching a break once in a while are essential activities that will help you stay positive. And as you rid yourself of the last negative thought and come out budding and shining in all your creative splendour, remember where you heard it first ????

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