Muesli and Quality: How Can You Tell?
12 June, 2019    Concetta Sultan


When you encounter a wall of muesli at the supermarket with every brand claiming to be healthy and of good quality, how do you decide which one to take home?

You are left confused and disoriented, more eager to quit the chore and strut on home than to sort through what may be hundreds and hundreds of packages. We get you.

Raw. Toasted. Crunchy and clustered. It's not just the branding, it’s the type of muesli, the way it’s made and the way it’s processed that’s different too. Not to mention the ingredients that go into it.

But if you learn to decipher the voice from the noise, you will hear the call. Better still, we will tell you the five things to look out for in a muesli that’ll make your job far easier. Direct and simple.

So, without much ado, here are the five things that ensure that the muesli you’re looking at is a good quality one. There are obvious places to check on the package – the label, the nutritional chart, the transparent packaging through which you can peek inside, and we’ll consider everything.


1. Balanced ingredients

Balanced ingredients mean a balance of taste and texture, as well as of nutrition and energy. Look for a healthy assortment of ingredients in a muesli – nuts, seeds and fruits. Consider what variety of ingredients is included – is it rich and varied?

Consider if the ingredients have been sourced responsibly and sustainably. Whether the ingredients are organic? Whether they are raw or processed? Each of these points will add up to the overall score.

Finally, most muesli is filled with oats and this one ingredient dominates the rest. Muesli makers do this to add bulk and reduce the cost of the muesli. Keep this in mind. More oats and less of the other stuff could mean less variety or fewer good seeds, fruits and nuts in your muesli.


2. No added preservatives

There are a few things that are a complete and total no-no in muesli. We don’t want any nasties - preservatives and additives in our muesli. We also don’t want anything artificial. Brands that comply will add this on the packaging.

What about added sugars or vegetable oil? These ingredients make muesli unhealthy. Look for natural, raw, whole and unprocessed ingredients minus the additives.

Natural fruits are sweet, but all that sweetness comes from good carbs. Similarly, seeds and nuts are bursting with good fats. Natural fruits, nuts and seeds are also great sources of fibre.


3. Nutritional information

The packages at the supermarket are all labelled and have the nutritional information displayed. Read them diligently and thoroughly.

Notice how much energy is available in the pack and whether it comes from raw ingredients or certain additives have been added? Check how much protein, carb and fat is available? What is the bulk of the product made from?

Good muesli will also have the portion and serve sizes mentioned along with nutritional information. It is important to stick to the recommended portions.


4. The right price

The price is where everyone has a differing opinion. We believe that when you give priority to quality in your process as well as in your sourcing and packaging, you’re certainly making a huge investment. So, more often than not, premium quality also comes at a premium price.

But then, this price is justified for a quality product. It is value for money when you consider the returns on your health and wellness.


5. Reality check

All these points are great, but they are insubstantial without this final point. Do a reality check. How?

Review the product thoroughly. Look through the transparent packaging. Get a feel for the ingredients. If there are testers available, these may be available especially if it is a new product, try the muesli out. Then go online, scout the website and check the reviews that people have left.

Finally, take a taste test. Buy a small pack and sample the product before committing to it in earnest.


These 5 checks will help you segregate the winners from the losers. We know. After all we are the makers of Nuts & Stuff - premium handcrafted muesli. What can get better than that?!

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