How Eating Healthy Can Turn Your Life Around!
18 September, 2019    Concetta Sultan


We’ve all been there - in a healthy eating rut. Trying to do the right thing by eating well and getting the right nutrition. We know that we should be nourishing our bodies, but we don’t.

Sometimes the motivation isn’t there, every so often we’ve lost perspective and we’re confused, and at other times we feel we just don’t have a choice! What’s the harm in a doughnut? Or two? We think. Why not a soft drink with this meal? And soon enough these seemingly light questions become our justification for an unbeatable habit.

Then there are other things, like our busy lives and our fast-paced routines, that also affect our meals. We are eating more and more unhealthy, unsatisfying meals. Gobbling down food in our cars as we zip to the next meeting. Microwaved meals in front of the TV. Fast food that doesn’t nourish.

We experience a humungous amount of stress that our body, mind and spirit are unprepared to tackle. Our coping mechanisms fail because we’re undernourished. Our immunity is at stake. And the stress from our lifestyle only accumulates until we are burdened with fatigue and complete burnout.

The solution is in simple living. In making conscious choices when it comes to food and health. Nuts & Stuff is based on this very philosophy – to include ingredients that are wholesome and healthy. ?? Peace and ???? happiness for everyone, that begins with All Good food and simple things to do.


Keeping it simple

Nuts & Stuff has a unique and beautiful taste and texture. Naturally sweet, crunchy and full of flavour. We’ve gone to considerable lengths to ensure that our mix is all-natural, additive-free and uses the highest quality ingredients that are certified gluten-free, raw and vegan.

Nuts & Stuff is handcrafted and made with utmost love and care. So, you can taste wholesomeness with every mouthful! Our list of mouth-watering ingredients is sure to stir up your palate - organic shredded coconut, dry cranberries and dates, all raw nuts – almonds, hazelnuts and walnuts, all raw seeds – organic black chia, buckwheat, sunflower, sesame, pepitas, flax/linseed, and love.

That’s right – no filler oats to add bulk. No added sugars or artificial additives. Just raw wholesome goodness.


Nuts & Stuff and simple living

Nuts & Stuff will aid you in simple living. Eating well is the cornerstone of self-care. Eating healthy, nutritious and wholesome food that is all good helps you refocus and re-energise each day. It helps you keep healthy and fighting fit. It tackles mood swings, fogginess and all manner of mental and emotional issues.

Nuts & Stuff is loaded with energy that comes from nature’s best sources – raw nuts, seeds, and fruits. This high energy food makes for a great brekkie, sprinkled on salads or in your favourite desserts. It will sustain you when going on treks or outings. It will help you re-balance and re-centre. And, it is just as ideal as a healthy snack when you are feeling ‘hangry’ or low on energy.

If you are trying to reorganise your life or have health goals to fulfil, this is where you start. Look at the food you eat and how you can improve in this area by taking in raw, natural, whole, organic, gluten-free and nasties-free foods. My recommendation is to make the switch now!


Concetta’s inspiring story

Our founder, Concetta Sultan, has an inspiring story that never fails to touch us – Successful bookkeeper and entrepreneur, she put in her heart and soul into what she did. With her efforts, her business grew and blossomed into something significantly valuable. But the success came at a price – constant stress that was taking its toll on her health and wellbeing.

Like everything in her life, the stress did not deter her, and she kept on doing what she did best. But the stress wasn’t going anywhere either. She soon developed a condition called Adrenal Fatigue. She realised she was burnt out!

It was time to take a step back and concentrate on simple living. “I turned to my hobby to rescue me – cooking. The more I pursued it, the greater peace and calm it brought to my life,” Concetta reflects.

She slowly distanced herself from the world of business and bookkeeping. She co-authored a cookbook with her cousin and set about refining the Nuts & Stuff recipe. “I have emerged a new woman with Nuts & Stuff. Looking back, I know I got a few things right – the simple things to do and the right ingredients to eat.” Here’s the full story.


We're enlightening our patrons on each one of Nuts & Stuff’s ingredients and the taste and health benefits they bring to the table. Look out on our social channels as we shine a light on every one of these incredible foods every month.

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