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18 July, 2019    Concetta Sultan


Hello, I am Gurmayll. It is fantastic to be connecting with you here on one of my all-time favourite websites! It is even more special because I am writing to you as I travel on a short vacation with my family, uncovering the wonders of England and Italy.

I am a Health Coach and Nutritional Advisor with a love for good food and a penchant for giving new things a try. I lookout for ways to enhance the synergies between mainstream medicine and alternate therapies, so my clients receive the best of both worlds.

My mantra is simple. I believe that with good food, regular exercise, positivity and moderation, you can beat (almost) any health complication and lead a fulfilling life. And I have applied this theory to my own personal story with incredible success. If you’d like to know more, hop onto my website:

I have been a long-time customer and loyal fan of Nuts & Stuff and I completely agree with the philosophy behind the brand – of peace, happiness and collaboration. Go Nuts & Stuff! This is why I don’t hesitate in recommending it to anyone asking.

Nuts & Stuff is delicious, wholesome soul food. I know of the love and care that goes into the making of this premium handcrafted mix. It uses the best quality ingredients. It is raw, vegan, gluten-free, and wheat-free with no hidden nasties. And it is 100% Australian made.

If that didn’t quite convince you, here are 5 reasons I think you should give Nuts & Stuff a try – straight from my heart:


1. Your food should be gluten-free

Simply speaking gluten is a type of protein found most often in cereals, breads and grains. It helps trap air bubbles and makes breads soft and fluffy. It can also make foodstuff chewy and elastic and companies use it in recipes to make food stick together.

Going gluten-free can be really good for your health. How? Well, it can reduce your chances of contracting seasonal allergies, improve your cholesterol levels, reduce bloatedness, help you feel energised and promote healthy weight loss. Nuts & Stuff is a gluten-free product that brings you all these benefits and more.


2. It’s good to eat fibrous foods

Fibre is an important micronutrient that is slowly being reduced in our diet. Fibre is essential for the proper functioning of our system and for our overall health and well-being. Eating processed foods is detrimental to our health because apart from being high on sugars and artificial taste-enhancers, processed foods are low in fibrous content.

The tiny bacteria in our gut feed on fibre and boost our immunity. Fibre also helps flush out toxins from our body and aids in our digestive function. Nuts & Stuff is rich in natural fibre from nuts, seeds and fruits.


3. Focus on gut health and digestion

You must have heard of the phrases – gut instinct or gut feeling? The gut is actually considered the second brain and this is how the phrases have found their origin. Keeping your gut healthy and functioning well is essential to overall good health. 

Eating healthy whole foods that are free from nasty additives, is a good first step. Eating balanced meals and eating foods in the recommended portions is also crucial. Nuts & Stuff is made from natural ingredients that are rich in fibre, vitamins, minerals and other essential nutrients – food your gut simply loves!


4. Keep it simple with raw foods

Raw or unprocessed foods contain all the complex nutrients found in nature that have not yet been destroyed by any human processing. This is food the way mother nature intended it to be – bursting full of flavour, taste and goodness.

Nuts & Stuff has all this. It contains sought-after ingredients - organic shredded coconut, dry cranberries and dates, all raw nuts – almonds, hazelnuts and walnuts, all raw seeds – organic black chia, buckwheat, sunflower, sesame, pepitas, flax/linseed, and love.


5. Food the way it is meant to be

And finally, food is the single most important component that brings people together – families and friends sit around the table and partake in a meal together. Food has this magical ability. And when it is good food made from the heart, it makes sitting together sharing a meal all the more special.

Nuts & Stuff muesli has been inspired by customs and traditions – how breakfast was had during yesteryears. It has also been designed for modern times – in comfortable packaging, right portions and sizes, balanced consistency, and great value for money. Satisfying the universal appeal and the love for good food.

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