Behind The Scenes With Muesli Making
29 May, 2019    Concetta Sultan


Muesli making is an art that needs cultivating. It requires time and patience to master. Ask Concetta Sultan, Nuts & Stuff founder, bookkeeper turned muesli maker and versatile cook.

Concetta is truly passionate about her craft and gives it her 100%. Nuts & Stuff is lovingly handcrafted. Best ingredients are personally chosen for quality and sustainability. Thought, care and attention is given to every detail. It is evident. You can see it in the finished product that is simply perfect.

It could be her Italian heritage, or it could be something else, but Nuts & Stuff is infused with goodness – a perfect blend of flavour, taste and texture that brings balance and energy into your life.

Our muesli is certified raw, vegan, gluten-free, and wheat-free with no hidden nasties. Most of our ingredients are organic and responsibly sourced. Not just that, we take compliance very seriously. Our muesli is put through several tests before being packaged and sent off to grace store aisles or to your very own breakfast tables across Australia.

And all this pursuit is personal. We want you to eat well. For when you eat good food you feel good. And then you carry this “good” feeling into the world and share it with everyone.


Australian made

Nuts & Stuff is 100% Australian made. Brimming with wholesome, sought-after ingredients - organic shredded coconut, dry cranberries and dates, all raw nuts – almonds, hazelnuts and walnuts, all raw seeds – organic black chia, buckwheat, sunflower, sesame, pepitas, flax/linseed, and love.

We have struck the right balance with our recipe – bringing together the sweetness of fruits and crunchiness of nuts and seeds, in one mouthful. We guarantee you’ll come back for more!

Made in your own backyard, here in the city of Rockingham in Western Australia, there is definitely no room for compromise! Our muesli doesn’t have bulky fillers such as oats. We don’t add sugars or additives or any type of flavour enhancers. We keep it raw, natural and all good.

And we go that extra mile to ensure that all the goodness stays intact inside.


A blend of cultures

When Concetta thought of a recipe for Nuts & Stuff muesli it was to replenish herself and sustain her soul. Years of working as a bookkeeper was taking a toll on her health and wellbeing. She felt burned out, tired, fatigued, irritable and so low on energy. She thought there had to be a better way.

Having Nuts & Stuff in the morning, after a quick morning exercise and meditation session brought her focus. Re-centred and re-energised her. And soon she became more and more of her earlier bubbly, dynamic and energetic self. She emerged renewed!

Nuts & Stuff is liberating. It calls for you to love yourself and care for yourself. Leave behind the hectic, chaotic and busy life and look at having breakfast that will truly nourish you and your loved ones.

Nuts & Stuff borrows from Concetta’s Italian roots. It is born of a need to take a pause and rethink our lives. It is a modern breakfast that captures age-old essentials – ideal for you and me!

If you haven’t tried Nuts & Stuff yet, try it today and experience something different. Our 75g Single Serve bags are small enough to pack-in the wonder and big enough for you to enjoy your scrumptious tasting. Carry on you, enjoy as a snack or share. Give them a shot and let us know how it went!

Nuts & Stuff- 75g Single Serve Retail Pack

And as goes our motto - here’s to peace, happiness and stuff. Cheers!

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