3 Ways To Enjoy Guilt-free Snacking
30 September, 2018    Concetta


Snacking between meals is a no-no. At least that’s what the diet police will tell you. But what do they know?!

Snacking will curb your hunger. It will nourish you. And keep you away from feeling ‘hangry’ – you know the moody hungry + angry state when you are trying to control your intake.

There are definitely some merits to snacking, but indulging in a snack and impulsively satiating a craving is never easy on your mind. For one, there is always the guilt. And it plays on you, sticking around for hours like an aftertaste. Two, if you are not mindful and cautious you may pack in quite a few extra pounds. And hey, this is particularly true of foods with low nutritional value.

The key, we reckon, is a smart approach to snacking. Choose snacks that are good for you and that are accessible whenever you feel the need. Here are three ways that will help you get started:


Bag it and carry it

Consider when you are out, working and it’s going to be a long day. You are often drawn to unhealthy high-calorie fast-food snacks that you can have on the go. You are thinking, convenience and low cost. This habit is surely going to be the downfall of the working generation!

Consider bagging and carrying a healthy treat instead. Not only is the snack on you always, so you’re never worried about “WHERE AM I GOING TO FIND A MEAL AT THIS HOUR OR IN THIS PLACE?”. You can instead calmly reach out into your bag and take a bite the moment you feel hungry. But also, you are carrying a healthier more nutritious meal that you put together yourself.

Mentally you are at peace! And your tummy is too!
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Snacking thumb rules

We forage the fridge for snacks, occasionally leftovers from meals. Now, to be honest, we don’t have anything against leftovers, but we do mind when you go for that tub of ice-cream or load your plate high with dessert. 

Nuts, fruits and seeds make for great snacks. They are not high in calories and you won’t get a sugar-rush. Nothing to interrupt your day’s routine! You could even bind dried bits of fruits and nuts into healthy snack-bars. Or consider eating with honey, nut butter and/or almond milk. Use your imagination, and there are tons of recipes on the net that can inspire you!

Avoid too much coffee, tea or alcohol during snacking. These substances interfere with your mood and metabolism. And, remember to chew, chew, chew!
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Snacking while multitasking

Multitasking is the constant demand of the age we live in. If we don’t multitask, we won’t accomplish half as much. Sure.

While we are frequently advised that we must eat our meals at the table away from any distractions, it is not always possible to follow the counsel. For example, while working on a high-pressure assignment when the deadline is looming threateningly close. We may decide to order a pizza or a similar quick-fix meal and snack on it while we continue to work on our crucial assignment. Or another case, when we decide to unwind in front of the TV after a hectic day with a big snack.

As a one-off case, these scenarios are totally acceptable. But beware when the multitasking-binging-multitasking state becomes a pattern, and from a regular pattern, a habit. And unhealthy snacks replace nutritious meals altogether!

Did you know? Nuts & Stuff is simply awesome for snacking! Pour into a bowl and enjoy while you work. There is no threat of a spill or stain, you don’t even have to get your fingers dirty. The dates, cranberries and coconut bits in the mix make it just the right amount of sweet and the nuts and seeds add to the crunch!

So, here's to happy guilt-free snacking!

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