3 Big Reasons Why Muesli Is Better Than Granola
20 March, 2019    Concetta Sultan


What do you prefer - Is it the raw and nutty taste of muesli or the crunchy and sweet texture of granola? And, should you rely on this preference alone?


The Difference Between Muesli and Granola

Considering that the ingredients are nearly the same, - nuts, seeds, grains and dried fruit – there is one glaring difference between muesli and granola. Muesli is raw while granola is processed with sugars, sweeteners and oil (or butter). This makes muesli a far better choice. It is definitely a healthier choice.

The extra sweeteners and sugars in granola are used to bind the ingredients together as they bake. They add to the crispiness and crunchiness but also load it up with unnecessary carbs that are bad for us. Raw unprocessed muesli, on the other hand, has no sugars or sugary additives. It is bursting with all-natural goodness.


Why We’re Proud of Nuts & Stuff?

Going a step further, Nuts & Stuff muesli is even better! We’ve gone to considerable lengths to ensure that our muesli is additive-free and uses the highest quality ingredients that are certified gluten-free, raw, vegan, wheat-free, and organic.

Compared to other factory-made over-the-shelf muesli and granola brands, our muesli is handcrafted and made with utmost love and care. So, you can taste wholesomeness with every mouthful.

And, compared to other factory-made over-the-shelf muesli and granola brands, our muesli does not contain oats. Oats are often used as fillers in cereals, making up for weight and adding bulk.

The bulk of Nuts & Stuff is flaxseeds, pepitas, sesame, buckwheat, sunflower seeds and black chia. Topped up with premium dried fruits and nuts – cranberries, dates, shredded coconut, almonds, hazelnuts and walnuts.


Now, for other differences

Muesli is better than granola, whether you are snacking on it or eating it for breakfast.

Although, knowing that one glaring difference between muesli and granola – SUGAR – is enough, we have found 2 other reasons that will help you. And, here they are:


Serving up Muesli

Muesli can be served up in various delectable styles. Try the country style – with milk or alt-milk, or the traditional Swiss style – soaked overnight to soften. Heat it up and toast it for crunchy goodness. Or have it cold sprinkled with fresh herbs.

Mix it up with yoghurt and add sprigs of mint from the garden. Dollops of berry compote or pomegranate sauce go great with it too. We’ve got lots of fun muesli recipes you’ll just love on our Recipes page. Give them a browse!

Unfortunately, having granola is more straight-forward and less adventurous. Or, so we think.


Granola = Instant Gratification

What most granola fans rave about is that it can be had straight from the bag. Well, that is instant gratification for you!

Granola is sweet and processed. This makes it easy to be had without any preparation. We know that there are a few brands out there that are making healthier varieties of granola, but they can’t get close to the goodness our muesli has to offer.

Preparing your meal. Sitting down to eat your meal without any distractions. Meals that are good for you and your family – those are the things we are advocating. Happiness, peace and collaboration for everyone, that begins with All Good food and simple things to do.

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