10 Reasons Why You Just Gotta Have Muesli In Your Pantry!
01 May, 2019    Concetta Sultan


That muesli stocked up in your pantry can be a real lifesaver! Getting you nourished and energized, keeping you off those painful hunger pangs, keeping you focused and balanced with great energy, sustaining you through those hikes or treks or while camping out in the wilderness, making for a healthy snack when you feel like munching and being there for you when you run out of options in your kitchen.

If you’ve been keeping a count there are just so many interesting ways in which muesli can come to your rescue. Plus, if you’re talking Nuts & Stuff muesli, we’re healthy, raw, vegan, gluten-free, and wheat-free, with no hidden nasties. And most of our all-natural ingredients are also organic.

With Nuts & Stuff in your pantry, you can never feel “hangry” again. Or throw a fit because you feel low on energy and focus.

Nuts & Stuff is made of nature’s best ingredients. It is a premium product that has been handcrafted with utmost love and care. And we guarantee you can feel it in every mouthful!

Here in this week’s blog post, we give you 10 reasons why you just gotta have Nuts & Stuff Muesli in your pantry. It’s the ideal recourse to fall back on when the going gets tough. You can count on it to make you feel good and satiated. And it can come in real handy when guests turn up and you have more than a few mouths to feed at the tea time. Here goes:


1. Reach out when you feel low

You don’t need to fret if you are suddenly feeling low on energy and jittery. Nuts & Stuff satiates hunger pangs and keeps you going through the day. Just reach out and top up your energy on the go.


2. Great for kids

Nuts & Stuff makes for great food for growing kids who need energy reinforcements. Snacking on this ALL GOOD, wholesome and natural snack, will keep them happy and fortified.


3. Make into tasty treats

Muesli bars or protein balls, there are so many ways to enjoy Nuts & Stuff muesli without breaking a sweat. Our Recipes page will show you some great recipes to try out and convert your Nuts & Stuff into a tasty treat.


4. Combine with favourite ingredients

Match your love for honey, berry compote, jellies, syrups, almond milk, Greek yogurt or similar with your love for Nuts & Stuff. You will be thrilled to know just how well Nuts & Stuff combines with all of these. The trick is to garnish with fresh mint or basil and the ensemble is complete!


5. Snack on while you play

If you like to play hard and have a busy day almost all days of the week, Nuts & Stuff can be your perfect snack. Full of fibre, protein and natural sugars, Nuts & Stuff will sustain you through the toughest day.


6. Perfect carry-on for outings and treks

Nuts & Stuff is perfectly balanced, with tasty ingredients, lots of energy and protein and heaps of goodness. This makes it an ideal snack to carry when you go on long trips, camping journeys, outings, hikes, or treks.


7. Good for the gut and healthy

Brimming with raw natural goodness, Nuts & Stuff is also good for your gut. How? Nuts & Stuff is fibre-rich and your gut loves it!


8. Cheesecake anyone?

We talked about how you can make Nuts & Stuff into tasty treats and how combining it with your favourite ingredients is a good idea. But did you know that Nuts & Stuff can also be made in full-fledged desserts and goodies? Don’t take our word for it, try the Nuts & Stuff creamy lemon and berry cheesecake!


9. Go for the extra-nutritious brekkie

If you’re one to go for that extra-nutritious first meal that is power-packed with ALL GOOD ingredients, Nuts & Stuff is your go-to brekkie! Break into the day will the self-sustaining force of Nuts & Stuff and stay energized for loooooooong.


10. Keeping it ALL GOOD with raw, gluten-free and nasties-free

We believe that everything you eat should be good. Good food that is healthy, natural, raw, gluten-free and nasties-free will keep you healthy and fighting fit from the inside. You know this is so important. We also believe that when you eat food that is ALL GOOD you feel good. And when you feel good you do good and spread the love!

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