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Concetta Sultan, is a published author, bookkeeper, entrepreneur and now, Muesli Maker! She founded Nuts & Stuff when she realised the perfect recipe with an irresistible combination – of taste, texture and goodness.


Working on herself, her health and her favourite muesli recipe, Concetta discovered some simple things to do and the right ingredients to eat.


And through all of this and her unique journey, she ventured upon a secret so delicious she just had to share it with the world! This is how Nuts & Stuff was born.


Nuts & Stuff is premium handcrafted muesli that is made with a whole lotta love. We aim to be your new favourite muesli experience. For we believe everything revolves around what you put in your tummy! When you eat what’s ALL GOOD, you feel good, life’s good and the world’s good. You carry this "good" feeling everywhere you go and you share it with everyone you love.


So, here’s to peace, happiness & stuff!


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